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I am a programmer, writer, and retro-gamer. I've made websites for Batman. I've rewritten old games to put them on the web. I have a fascination with data, both visualizing it, mining it, and migrating data from old systems to new.

I use Python, JavaScript and TypeScript most of the time these days, though there's also some PHP and C# lurking in my past. I even still remember most of AppleSoft BASIC.


I have been to 29 countries and 49 US states. It's also fun to track things like the farthest north and south I've been. So, I made a map, because I like maps. This one shows the farthest places I've traveled to in all six directions, both in the USA and in the world.



Freeways Data Visualization

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I observed with a combination of awe and horror how many lanes are on all the freeways there. It seemed that the entire Portland freeway system could fit into just a few miles of LA freeways. So I built a unique little data visualization app to show the difference. Choose a city and the app will show how much of the LA freeway system that city's freeways would fill up, by drawing it onto the map of LA.

Eamon Remastered

Eamon is a classic interactive fiction game with RPG elements, written for the Apple 2 in 1980. Eamon Remastered is a remake of the classic game for the modern web. Play Eamon adventures in your browser without needing an emulator.

Eamon was also an experiment in web development, porting the old BASIC game logic to TypeScript for use with Angular.